[Openchrome-devel] fix typo in alloc check plus possible improvement

Thomas Schlichter thomas.schlichter
Sun Nov 20 04:18:22 PST 2011

Dear James!

Am Freitag, 18. November 2011, 15:10:55 schrieb James Simmons:
> > 1. Changeset 1034 introduced a typo when checking for an unsuccessful
> >    allocation. This is fixed by the attached patch
> >    fix_alloc_check.patch.
> Oops. Does the cursor still show up for the VX900 when this patch is
> applied? I applied the patch

Unfortunately, I don't have a VX900 but on my VX800 there was no improvement 
or degradation. Most of the time for me the HW cursor works, but sometimes a 
square with nearly random content (sometimes it seems to be distorted parts of 
some images) is shown.

Oh, btw. today I recognized that the cursor's memory should be freed during 
VIACloseScreen(). Currently I get a "VIA Double Alloc" message in the 
subsequent VIAScreenInit().

> > 2. Changeset 1022 changed viaIsOffscreen so it can be used for EXA
> >    PixmapIsOffscreen function. But it did not actually use it for
> >    this
> >    purpose. This possible improvement is done by the attached patch
> >    use_viaExaIsOffscreen.patch.
> > 
> > Maybe you've had good reasons not to do 2. If so, I'm quite interested
> > in this reason... ;-)
> The reason is that from looking at the exa xorg code you also need to
> provide exaPrepareAccess and exaFinishAccess.

Ah, OK! Actually I didn't have a look at the exa xorg code, yet, and the 
comments in my local exa.h only say that PrepareAccess() and FinishAccess() 
are called before, respectively after, PixmapIsOffscreen(), not that these 
functions need to be provided by the driver... And, at least for me, the patch 
attached with my last mail "seems to work" ;-) .

Kind regards,
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