[Openchrome-devel] fix typo in alloc check plus possible improvement

James Simmons jsimmons
Fri Nov 18 07:10:55 PST 2011

> Dear James,
> for your latest openchrome changes, I have one fix and one possible 
> improvement.
> 1. Changeset 1034 introduced a typo when checking for an unsuccessful
>    allocation. This is fixed by the attached patch fix_alloc_check.patch.

Oops. Does the cursor still show up for the VX900 when this patch is 
applied? I applied the patch

> 2. Changeset 1022 changed viaIsOffscreen so it can be used for EXA
>    PixmapIsOffscreen function. But it did not actually use it for this
>    purpose. This possible improvement is done by the attached patch
>    use_viaExaIsOffscreen.patch.
> Maybe you've had good reasons not to do 2. If so, I'm quite interested in this 
> reason... ;-)

The reason is that from looking at the exa xorg code you also need to 
provide exaPrepareAccess and exaFinishAccess.

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