[Openchrome-devel] Kernel with KMS support might conflict with X.org keyboard driver

Mario Rugiero mrugiero
Tue Sep 27 17:00:05 PDT 2011

2011/9/27 James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org>

> > OK, I got some logs.
> Sorry for the delay. that was a lot of log at look at.
> > First, I must say that my chipset is a K8M800, which I forgot to tell.
> Okay.
> > Second, I found another strange bug, when using KMS kernel with KMS
> enabled, independently of using trunk or KMS branch of the DDX driver, I
> randomly get hang ups while
> > activating ATA units, with which ctrl+alt+supr can not reboot the machine
> (and I can't remember the other key combination to use in that cases), so I
> must hard reboot, and I
> > couldn't get logs from that cases.
> I wonder if that is due to otehr kernel issues. I remember some time ago
> the VIA disk controller was broken and it was corrupting my file system. I
> updated my tree and the problem went away. Currently with 3.1-rcX the
> wireless driver on my via laptop is broken which is why I wasn't in a
> hurry to update the drm tree. I'm going to add some more TTM code soon to
> the tree and I can update it to a newer kernel. This might fix your
> problem.
> > Well, I'll attach the logs I've been able to get.
> > The names of the folders I've made inside the tar.gz means the kernel
> used, the ddx driver used, and when relevant, if KMS was enabled and if I
> got a fully working boot or if it
> > failed.
> Due to so many configurations lets do a few at a time. Currently the most
> important goal is to make sure the default Ubuntu kernel works with trunk
> and the kms_branch. From the logs it looks okay. Are you having the
> keyboard lockups with kms_branch with the default Ubuntu kernel?
With default Ubuntu kernel both branches (trunk and yours) works without any
Thank you.
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