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Mario Rugiero mrugiero
Mon Feb 20 17:57:14 PST 2012

2012/2/20 James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org>

> > James, with your latest kernel revision I get a panic due to bad
> allocations at startup.
> Yes I found some more bugs last night with drm-openchrome relationing to
> the hardware cursor. The oops with buffer allocation should of stopped as
> well. A bug still exist with the gem allocation code in the drm-openchrome
> branch that I'm tracking down.
> > Also, the problem I was having with the X.org driver (the one who mostly
> killed my graphic environment) is
> > now in master too.
> This is all with the drm-openchrome kernel? Does the release trunk version
> work for you? If it doesn't it might be the added VX900 video support
> added.
> Standard kernel. drm-openchrome doesn't get that far because of the panic.

>  > I'm not sure how to switch revisions, but when I figure that out I
> might try to make a regtest with master to
> > look for the guilty commit.
> git branch -a   : will list branches. Master is the main one and
>                  kms_branch the other one of importance.
> git checkout -b "branch name locally" origin/"remote branch wanted"
> After you check it out the first time a local copy is stashed so all you
> have to do is git checkout "branch local name"
> My problem is not with the branch switching, I cloned twice to two
different folders so I switched to kms_branch in one of them. What I need
to do is to switch revisions in master to get an idea of which commit
caused the problems.

I'll continue my testing next week, right now I have to prepare an exam for
college :p
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