[Openchrome-devel] Project Status

James Simmons jsimmons
Mon Feb 20 15:46:36 PST 2012

> James, with your latest kernel revision I get a panic due to bad allocations at startup.

Yes I found some more bugs last night with drm-openchrome relationing to 
the hardware cursor. The oops with buffer allocation should of stopped as 
well. A bug still exist with the gem allocation code in the drm-openchrome
branch that I'm tracking down. 

> Also, the problem I was having with the X.org driver (the one who mostly killed my graphic environment) is
> now in master too.

This is all with the drm-openchrome kernel? Does the release trunk version 
work for you? If it doesn't it might be the added VX900 video support 

> I'm not sure how to switch revisions, but when I figure that out I might try to make a regtest with master to
> look for the guilty commit.

git branch -a   : will list branches. Master is the main one and  
                  kms_branch the other one of importance.

git checkout -b "branch name locally" origin/"remote branch wanted"

After you check it out the first time a local copy is stashed so all you 
have to do is git checkout "branch local name"

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