[Openchrome-devel] Project Status

James Simmons jsimmons
Wed Feb 22 07:34:23 PST 2012

> My problem is not with the branch switching, I cloned twice to two different folders so I switched to kms_branch in one of them. What I need to do is to
> switch revisions in master to get an idea of which commit caused the problems.
> I'll continue my testing next week, right now I have to prepare an exam for college :p

	You will need to update the kms_branch and the drm-openchrome.
Last night I fixed some more issues with GEM allocation in both the 
kernel and the xorg driver. For some time the kms_branch couldn't
allocate a buffer correctly form the new DRM kernel driver. Only 
allocation with the main stream via DRM driver worked. That has been 
fixed now so the kms_branch can use the GEM allocation ioctl. Last night
I booted the drm-openchrome kernel with mode setting disabled and the 
xorg driver worked with no new regressions.
	I also add the first KMS support code to the xorg driver. So if 
you boot with drm-openchrome kernel with modeset=1 for the via module 
param the xorg driver will use the KMS layer to detect outputs and set the 
mode. Mind you this is a first step and a few more issues need to be 
worked out. For some reason the cursor doesn't show up with KMS code but I 
know it works on xf86-video-modesetting driver. Also with KMS xorg driver
I noticed a regression kernel side with DPMS. The monitor doesn't turn 
back on after it powers doen. Please note the KMS kernel driver currently 
only supports VGA ouput. Now that the xorg support KMS more support 
for different ouputs will be added in the near future.

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