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Mario Rugiero mrugiero
Wed Feb 22 11:23:42 PST 2012

2012/2/22 James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org>
@Andreas: thanks, that's what I needed.

>  > My problem is not with the branch switching, I cloned twice to two
> different folders so I switched to kms_branch in one of them. What I need
> to do is to
> > switch revisions in master to get an idea of which commit caused the
> problems.
> > I'll continue my testing next week, right now I have to prepare an exam
> for college :p
>         You will need to update the kms_branch and the drm-openchrome.
> Last night I fixed some more issues with GEM allocation in both the
> kernel and the xorg driver. For some time the kms_branch couldn't
> allocate a buffer correctly form the new DRM kernel driver. Only
> allocation with the main stream via DRM driver worked. That has been
> fixed now so the kms_branch can use the GEM allocation ioctl. Last night
> I booted the drm-openchrome kernel with mode setting disabled and the
> xorg driver worked with no new regressions.
I saw the updates in the repo, I'll probably test them this weekend.

>        I also add the first KMS support code to the xorg driver. So if
> you boot with drm-openchrome kernel with modeset=1 for the via module
> param the xorg driver will use the KMS layer to detect outputs and set the
> mode. Mind you this is a first step and a few more issues need to be
> worked out. For some reason the cursor doesn't show up with KMS code but I
> know it works on xf86-video-modesetting driver. Also with KMS xorg driver
> I noticed a regression kernel side with DPMS. The monitor doesn't turn
> back on after it powers doen. Please note the KMS kernel driver currently
> only supports VGA ouput. Now that the xorg support KMS more support
> for different ouputs will be added in the near future.
> I've no other output that I'm aware of, so that's no problem.
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