[Openchrome-devel] Project status

James Simmons jsimmons
Sun Mar 25 16:42:59 PDT 2012


	Time for another update where the project is at. First of all you 
will noticed that the current release branch was updated to deal with the 
move away from XAA. The kms_branch was moving in this direct for some time
but we thought the need for master to move that direct was in the more
distant future. Well we were wrong, Fedora 17 has disabled XAA so we had 
to deal with that.
	XAA was completely removed from the KMS branch in the latest 
snapshot. A VT switching bug was fixed in the latest release so no more 
lock ups when logging out of a session. This also fixed a bug that 
prevented the DMA command buffer from starting. LVDS with EDID also did 
not work but have been fixed in this snapshot.
	Currently 3 major bugs exist. The CLE266 mpeg engine no longer 
works properly. The next 2 bugs are related to LVDS support on the XO
and the NC20. This weekend I tracked down the cause of whey this is 
happening but have not come up with a proper solution as of yet. Please 
give it a try and report any issues you see.


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