[Openchrome-devel] KMS branch

Mario J. Rugiero mrugiero at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 22:25:44 PST 2015

Hi. I noticed a lack of activity, and I'm assuming real life is taking 
most of James' time. However, I'm a little bit more familiar with kernel 
development and git usage now, and might make myself some time to put 
his changes in shape for merging (I know it will probably take several 
AFAIR, the main reason to wait was for distributions to catch up with 
version 3.0, which I believe already happened, and this seems specially 
urgent since there are talks about dropping DRI1 from X.org.
If there is any interest in this, I'll probably have the time, but I'll 
need a few pointers in a few subjects.
First, I'd need a brief description of how is the recommended way to 
submit patches to the DRM subsystem (for example, do they accept 
standalone style fixes, so I could send those first?), and specifically 
how to handle the copyright part, since the actual author of the code is 
James, I'll just be restructuring how the patches are organized.

Let me know if I'm missing anything else.


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