[Openchrome-devel] KMS branch

Benno Schulenberg bensberg at justemail.net
Thu Dec 10 02:27:32 PST 2015

Hello Mario,

On Wed, Dec 9, 2015, at 07:25, Mario J. Rugiero wrote:
> Hi. I noticed a lack of activity, and I'm assuming real life is taking 
> most of James' time. However, I'm a little bit more familiar with kernel 
> development and git usage now, and might make myself some time to put 
> his changes in shape for merging

Which changes are you referring to?  Do you have a pointer
into the archives?  Or are you referring to kms_branch in git?

> First, I'd need a brief description of how is the recommended way to 
> submit patches to the DRM subsystem (for example, do they accept 
> standalone style fixes, so I could send those first?),

You can just try.  Send a small set of style patches first, with a
note that more things are coming, and see if they get accepted.

> and specifically 
> how to handle the copyright part, since the actual author of the code is 
> James, I'll just be restructuring how the patches are organized.

If James posted the patches with his signed-off line, they are GPL'ed
and there is no problem with copyright.  If you just make small changes
in the ordering, you can keep his Signed-off-by line and add your own.
If you make significant changes, you can put "Patch originally by James
Simmons" and put only your own Signed-off-by line.



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