[Openchrome-devel] DRI1 to be removed from X server

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Tue Dec 15 16:10:44 PST 2015

Hi Benno,

> I've woken up my KM400, but the 0.3.3 release gives me a black screen.
> What's the last known good version for a KM400?

These are my personal test results.


- VIA Embedded EPIA CL

Mouse cursor is not rendered on the screen with Lubuntu 10.04 i386 with the current OpenChrome source code.
According to the source code, the mouse cursor is not hardware based (Lubuntu 10.04 uses a black color cursor).
Have not tested the mainboard with with Ubuntu 10.04.


- Foxconn 400M01-G-6L

Actually, the current OpenChrome source code works with Foxconn 400M01-G-6L mainboard (KM400 chipset).
I got it working today.
Mouse cursor is rendered correctly with Ubuntu 10.04, but have not tested it with Lubuntu 10.04 at this point.
There is an issue with ACPI S3 State resume with this one (complete system freeze upon resume).
The issue you are having with KM400 might be specific to the mainboard you have, although it is an issue that should be fixed.
Although not directly related, ATI Technologies Radeon R300 family (i.e., Radeon 9700) does not seem to work very well with this mainboard for some reason (Radeon R300 family is one of the most stable AGP graphic cards for Linux as far as I am concerned.).


- ABIT KV-80

Works fine with the current OpenChrome source code, including ACPI S3 State resume, since only VGA is available (no DFP).


- Epic 1314 / MSI VR321

Found a temporary workaround for LVDS-based DFP screen getting lost when resuming from ACPI S3 State.
Not yet a complete fix since the secondary display channel (i.e., IGA2 or LVDS-based DFP) mouse cursor gets lost upon resume.
This issue can be worked around by activating primary display channel for a reason I still do not understand very well.
This fix should be helpful to anyone using other Chrome-based laptops (i.e., UniChrome Pro II and other Chrome 9 graphics).
I also implemented DFP back light turn on / off feature in a separate patch.


- ASRock P4VM900-SATA2

Works fine with the current OpenChrome source code, including ACPI S3 State resume, since only VGA is available (no DFP).
Have not done extensive testing lately (past 3 weeks).

My home Internet service was down for 2 1/2 weeks, so this considerably slowed me down when it come to the testing.
I will be able to do more testing in February 2016 (i.e., VX800, CN896, etc.).
I still have not figured out the VX855 / PuppyLinux issue.


Kevin Brace

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