[Openchrome-devel] DRI1 to be removed from X server

Benno Schulenberg bensberg at justemail.net
Fri Dec 11 12:50:54 PST 2015

Hi Xavier,

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015, at 11:31, Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> real life has been rather though with me lately, so I'm fighting to find 
> both the time an energy to do it.

Sorry to hear that.  :(

> I'll try and do a release before the 
> end of the year.


> Any help reviewing the patches would be greatly appreciated.

Contentwise I can't do much.  But I've made some comments
on Kevin's style as it causes unneeded churn.

I've woken up my KM400, but the 0.3.3 release gives me a black
screen.  What's the last known good version for a KM400?



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