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--- Comment #8 from Benno Schulenberg <bensberg at justemail.net> ---
(In reply to Kevin Brace from comment #6)
> If I have to comply with some kind of a coding style (someone should define
> this somewhere), I could.

(the third bullet especially)


(paragraphs 2) and 3))

Or look at the commit messages from some other project, for example grep:


You will see that the first line (the "50" line) is used as a summary line in
the overview.  When you click on a commit, this line is even put in bold, and
the rest of the message (after the blank line) is show after it, as a
self-contained piece of text, not as a continuation of the summary line.

> The problem is, I had to create 10 patches before someone stopped me and
> told me to do things differently.

Well, you posted them very rapidly.  But there is no problem whatsoever: first
do a 'git format-patch origin' in your current branch.  Then checkout the
master branch (I supposde you have been making your commits in a branch, if
not, you will have to do a git reset --hard HEAD, or make a fresh clone from
master elsewhere), and create a new branch.  Then apply the 0001* patch,
correct the style of the changes, run 'git commit -a', paste in the commit
message from the 0001* patch and edit it to be in the summary + blankline +
explanation format, and save.  Repeat until all patches have been reapplied and
recommitted.  This is standard procedure for developers.  Patches are seldom
fully correct the first time around.

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