[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 94210] Unknown Card-Ids (7122|1458|D000), Chipset: VX900

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--- Comment #11 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to HuangRan from comment #10)

Hi Frank,

> Hi Kevin,
>    Sorry to reply previous mail directly instead Bugzilla which generates
> two copies of my reply.
>    For that ViaCardID table, I think the only useful idea is for guys who
> wanted to invovle OpenChrome development to buy a board which is in that
> list:). I checked the RADEON KMS driver, actually when it determines whether
> the driver can support a board or not, it will see the deviceID and vendorID
> which will skip subDeviceID and subVendorID. So I suggest to disable this
> table too as you said.
>    For quirk table, I also notice that in current KMS driver, sometimes we
> will use quirk table for some specific vendor's devices which we can adopt.
>    For VBE, I see the log shows:
>              "[  1197.429] (==) CHROME(0): Will not enable VBE modes."
>    So it seems VBE is not used anymore although the code is there, right?
> Thanks,
> Frank

The thing is, VBE code is still inside OpenChrome, and can be activated as an
Even as a backup, I still do not like its mere existence.
If people want to rely on VBE, they should use VESA device driver instead as a
There are other things that should be removed from the code like software
cursor option, in my opinion, assuming that the code will always display mouse
cursor correctly (This is not the case with Lubuntu 10.04. Even the software
cursor is broken in Lubuntu 10.04).
    As a general rule, I do not really like legacy stuff that has outlived its
VBE option and known device table are such examples.

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