[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 94210] Unknown Card-Ids (7122|1458|D000), Chipset: VX900

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--- Comment #12 from HuangRan <huangran at iscas.ac.cn> ---
Hi Kevin,

> The thing is, VBE code is still inside OpenChrome, and can be activated as
> an option.
Okay. So do you mean "vga=XXX" option in grub?

> Even as a backup, I still do not like its mere existence.
> If people want to rely on VBE, they should use VESA device driver instead as
> a fallback.
Agree on that. xf86-video-vesa can be used with VBE. And current new
driver(i.e. Intel/ATI) does not apply VBE anymore. They have already has its
CRTC/Encoder/Connector routines to initialize the port and video card.

> There are other things that should be removed from the code like software
> cursor option, in my opinion, assuming that the code will always display
> mouse cursor correctly (This is not the case with Lubuntu 10.04. Even the
> software cursor is broken in Lubuntu 10.04).
For SW cursor option, I suggest you keep it now. Because based on my experience
before, for some cases(i.e. rotation), the HW cursor has the possibility to be

>     As a general rule, I do not really like legacy stuff that has outlived
> its usefulness.
> VBE option and known device table are such examples.
:). I does not like legacy stuff too.


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