[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 96397] legacy modesetting removal breaks CLE266

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--- Comment #10 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Xavier Bachelot from comment #8)

Hi Xavier,

> Hi Kevin,
> Sorry if I was not clear, indeed I'm not asking for bringing back the old
> code, the patch I attached is just a quick and dirty fix as I needed my
> CLE266 (an Epia-M too) to be in a working state. And the patch is against
> 0.4.0, not master, porting that to master would probably be more work and
> would not hold much value anyway. I reported the bug on the mailing list a
> couple days after the commit, but it took me far too more time to file a bug
> with meaningful information, the patch reverting the megacy modesetting
> removal just happen to be part of the information. Let me know if anything
> else is needed.
> Regards,
> Xavier

Okay, thanks for letting me know what your intention is.
Yeah, the way I saw it is, the train has already left the station, so when I
saw that the patch you created was against Version 0.4.0, I honestly could not
believe that you were dealing with 2 months ago code that contained more
problems than the current one.
I do remember from March that you were talking about creating a patch against
Version 0.4.0, but I did not really see much activity on that front, so by now,
I assumed that you gave up trying to do that.
Yesterday was my personal travel day, and since I saw the bug report about 12
hours before departure, I suddenly had to think about bringing EPIA-M mainboard
with me in my suitcase.
I was not really planning to bring it, but now that you filed a bug report with
a proposed patch that brought back old code, I had to ask what you were trying
to accomplish other than proving that a very high screen resolution (1920 X
1080) used to work fine with CLE266 chipset.
As I have indicated in an announcement piece sent in late May
that there will be OpenChrome Version 0.5 released in the next few weeks, and
the major reason for this was that a fatal bug when the screen is resized
during runtime is now fixed, and as a result, multi-monitor capability is now
I was not planning to fix any more major problems prior to Version 0.5 release,
and then you suddenly filed a bug report indicating that a code regression
If you think the release of OpenChrome should be delay by a few weeks, I think
we can do that.
Let me know, what if the new release should be delayed.
    Anyway, since you let me know what you were trying to accomplish within 12
hours of my departure, I decided to bring EPIA-M mainboard with me so that I
can test the code change locally, although I do not have a monitor that can
handle a screen resolution greater than 1280 X 1024.
Although this might not be an elegant way to workaround the problem, if you
specify in xorg.conf of a resolution other than 1920 X 1080 like 1600 X 1200,
the screen should work for now.
You should be able to resize the screen during runtime, and I have tested this
with CLE266.
As I have already indicated in the previous e-mail, I have observed CLE266 to
work with 1680 X 1050 resolution, although I do see some weird blue lines on
the right edge of the screen (I will like to fix this bug eventually.).
I will do a file comparison of the register dump between the 2 different
versions to see which registers are being set differently.

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