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--- Comment #24 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to latalante from comment #14)

Hi latalante,

Just for my reference, it will be helpful to know the laptop model you are
using, but that being said, I am aware of the existence of several VN896
related bugs with the current OpenChrome DDX.

1) Hardware cursor disappears when resuming

I am personally aware of this bug for some time.
It appears that you are using Arch Linux, but with Ubuntu based OSes, I know
that Lubuntu 12.04 based OSes have issues with restoring the mouse cursor.
However, hardware cursor is properly restored on Xubuntu 14.04.
This issue also appears to be rather machine specific.
For example, MSI VR321 based laptop is prone to the bug on Lubuntu 12.04, but
not HP 2133.
I still have not figured out the root cause of the bug.
Attaching a VGA monitor simultaneously appears to prevent the issue from
happening in the first place.

2) VT screen goes completely dark when entering it after resuming from standby

Again, I have been aware of this problem, but I have even less clues as to how
to fix it.
Many registers appear to get corrupted when resuming from standby, and frankly,
this issue may not be solvable during the current DDX based mode setting (User
Mode Setting or UMS) regime.
I am hoping that future KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) supporting OpenChrome DRM
will not suffer from this issue, but OpenChrome DRM still suffers from 2
serious bugs  (Excessive memory usage issue and runtime mode setting X Server
crash bug) left behind by the previous developer, so it is nowhere near ready
for Linux kernel mainline inclusion.

3) Xv issues

I have not touched Xv or XvMC so far.
Hardware cursor issues might very well be video accelerator related issue since
the two are sort of related on VIA IGP hardware.

> Hi
> I have similar problems with CN896/VN896/P4M900 [Chrome 9 HC].
> What does not work with 0.6.107:
> -after switching to console (Ctrl-Alt-F2-7), disappears (probably somewhere
> is) - the screen is black,
> -after suspend/resume, there is no cursor (as a remedy I set software
> cursor), and what does not work - xv (before susppend he was working).
> In the case of another configuration (with viafb) is even worse. Right after
> the start Xorg no hardware cursor and xv.

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