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--- Comment #39 from Marty <martin651 at gmx.de> ---
(In reply to Kevin Brace from comment #35)

Hi Kevin,

No change with Version 0.6.109. Still the very colorful image after resume.
Are you interested in the 03B5H registers before and after resume? What exactly
should I do?
By the way: I would completely understand if you give up solving that issue as
my hardware seems to be a little special...


> (In reply to Marty from comment #29)
> Hi Marty,
> I did a commit some new code into the master branch.
> The current latest version as of now is Version 0.6.109.
> The patch I uploaded so far is no longer valid, so you will not have to use
> it anymore.
> The code is slightly different than the v1 patch, and I am hoping that it
> will perform better than that one when resuming.
> The code behavior is a little different for the 24-bit FP interface
> situation (i.e., Your particular hardware.).
>     Regarding the cursor not getting restored, it is a known issue, but so
> far, I have not found a good fix for it other than the following workarounds
> for now.
> 1) Always attach a VGA monitor when resuming
> 2) Follow the workaround latalante has figured out (i.e., This is called VGA
> BIOS rePOST on some desktop mainboard BIOS.)
> I suspect the issue is intimately related to video accelerator since the
> hardware cursor and video accelerator have some shared registers.
> So far, I have not touched the video accelerator code, but I am afraid I may
> have to eventually.
>     Your particular model appears to have the issue of the VGA switching to
> monochrome mode after resuming from standby.
> I know I am sure you still see color on your display, but when IBM VGA was
> developed in '80s, there still used to be a thing called monochrome mode,
> and in this mode, the CRTC (Cathode Ray Tube Controller; something people
> still used until early to mid 2000s, at least for desktop PCs) address
> switches to 03B5H rather than the normal 03D5H for color mode.
> I have one model that exhibits this behavior (Sylvania g netbook), and when
> this happens, the register dump from via_regs_tool becomes mostly useless.
> This is what I mean,
> __________________________________________________________________
> . . .
> Graphic Controller register dump (IO Port address: 0x3ce): 
>    3cf.00 = 0x00 (Set / Reset)
>    3cf.01 = 0x00 (Enable Set / Reset)
>    3cf.02 = 0x00 (Color Compare)
>    3cf.03 = 0x00 (Data Rotate)
>    3cf.04 = 0x00 (Read Map Select)
>    3cf.05 = 0x00 (Mode)
>    3cf.06 = 0x00 (Miscellaneous)
>    3cf.07 = 0x00 (Color Don't Care)
>    3cf.08 = 0x00 (Bit Mask)
>    3cf.20 = 0x00 (Offset Register Control)
>    3cf.21 = 0x00 (Offset Register A)
>    3cf.22 = 0x00 (Offset Register B)
> CRT controller register dump (IO Port address: 0x3d4): 
>    3d5.00 = 0xff (Horizontal Total)
>    3d5.01 = 0xff (Horizontal Display End)
>    3d5.02 = 0xff (Start Horizontal Blank)
>    3d5.03 = 0xff (End Horizontal Blank)
>    3d5.04 = 0xff (Start Horizontal Retrace)
>    3d5.05 = 0xff (End Horizontal Retrace)
>    3d5.06 = 0xff (Vertical Total)
>    3d5.07 = 0xff (Overflow)
>    3d5.08 = 0xff (Preset Row Scan)
>    3d5.09 = 0xff (Max Scan Line)
>    3d5.0a = 0xff (Cursor Start)
>    3d5.0b = 0xff (Cursor End)
> . . .
> __________________________________________________________________
> The 0xff means "there is nothing connected here" in this particular
> situation.
> It is essentially emulating "bus high impedance (Hi-Z)" or no connection
> situation for backward compatibility reasons.
> This behavior is highly VIA Technologies VGA BIOS dependent, however, X
> Server appears to have a way to cope with the occurrence.
> In order to then read the register you will have to read off 03B5H registers
> manually.
> For example,
> $ sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3b5.96
> $ sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3b5.97
> $ sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3b5.99
> $ sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3b5.9b
> Those registers are important in this case.
> > Hi Kevin,
> > 
> > After resume the screen is still not correctly restored. But the behaviour
> > is different from V0.6.107 without patch:
> > 
> > 1. The X-Server now at least allows to "recognize" the GUI (with correct
> > size) and partly to read some things. But the whole screen is filled with
> > big round colored artifacts. It looks very artistic! The mouse cursor seems
> > to be invisible.
> > 
> > 2. If I switch to VT I now get just a black screen. (I had never this
> > before.)
> > 
> > I am not sure if it has any value anymore. But I did reg-dumps after resume.
> > Let me attach them again.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Marty

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