[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 100679] Garbled graphics when resuming from standby

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--- Comment #40 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
(In reply to Marty from comment #39)

Hi Marty,

Regarding the CRTC registers 96H, 97H, 99H, and 9BH, you can redirect to a

sudo ./via_regs_dump -r 3b5.96 > CR96_After_Resume.txt

I also like to see CRTC 91H as well.
I only need 3B5H after resume since it is mapped to 3D5H during normal
    I have been busy modernizing FP code the past week or so, and I am doing
this for the hopes of making it easier to maintain the FP code moving forward.
I also hope to reuse some of the code with the next generation OpenChrome DRM
(drm-openchrome), although FP code might be harder to do this.
In general, it is much harder to support FP than other display types, and VIA
made it harder by never releasing hardware register programming guides for many
devices including VN896 chipset.
I am not giving up regarding this bug, but since I do not own a similar device
to the one you have (i.e., 2 chip PCIe chipset with 18- or 24-bit FP
interface), it is hard to remotely debug this issue.
I am staying on top of this issue, but obviously not 100% of my available
development time (Right now about 30%.).
I have upped the version to 0.6.112.
I made some changes to the FP power on code which is a fairly risky change to
the code, but I had to do this at some point.

> Hi Kevin,
> No change with Version 0.6.109. Still the very colorful image after resume.
> Are you interested in the 03B5H registers before and after resume? What
> exactly should I do?
> By the way: I would completely understand if you give up solving that issue
> as my hardware seems to be a little special...
> Regards,
> Marty

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