[Openchrome-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Following up on "Syncing drm-openchrome with drm-next"

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Fri Aug 4 02:40:04 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I just want to follow up on the e-mail I just sent.


I will like to clarify what I just wrote.
. . .
This way, I will have to maintain two development branches, and that is a big burden.
. . .

I will instead will like to say,

"This way I will not have to maintain two development branches, and maintaining two development branches is a big burden."

That's all for the correction.
    Regarding the new drm-next-4.13 branch and the huge drm-next merge, no e-mail went out to the mailing list for archival purposes due to an error that happened on my local computer's send-mail.

. . .
Enter passphrase for key '("Location of Key")': 
Counting objects: 1582257, done.
Compressing objects: 100% (226114/226114), done.
Writing objects: 100% (1537617/1537617), 291.87 MiB | 148.00 KiB/s, done.
Total 1537617 (delta 1300749), reused 1537038 (delta 1300182)
remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (1300749/1300749), completed with 26648 local objects.
remote: Checking connectivity: 1537617, done.
remote: postdrop: warning: uid=3650: File too large
remote: send-mail: fatal: ("My Username")(3650): message file too big
remote: Can't send mail: sendmail process failed with error code 75
To ssh://("My Username")@git.freedesktop.org/git/openchrome/drm-openchrome
 * [new branch]      drm-next-3.19 -> drm-next-3.19
 * [new branch]      drm-next-4.13 -> drm-next-4.13

As a result, you may not see an entry on openchrome-devel mailing list, but the drm-openchrome upstream repository did indeed get updated.
I am sure why happened, and I do not like what happened.
It will be appreciated if someone can tell me how I can avoid this situation in the future.

Kevin Brace
OpenChrome Project maintainer / developer

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