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--- Comment #7 from Scott <shep971 at centurylink.net> ---
Openchrome DDX is working but is relatively unstable.

It will not run without the /etc/default/grub entry.

I initally used xorg-xinit, twm and xterm for testing.  Once I had a working
screen, I went ahead and install lxqt, kwin and sddm.  sddm (qt5 display
manager) would not start at all and there were errors about arch linux systemd
and the keyboard.  Systemctl disable sddm.service and booting into the console
(no Xorg) and startx loaded lxqt.  On opening lxterminal-qt, it the screen
crashed and locked keyboard/touchpad.  The powerbutton still allowed for a

I rebooted and install xorg-xdm and was able to start lxqt which is relatively

On either logout or opening another virtual terminal from both twm and lxqt, I
get a black screen with "snow" but the powerbutton still works for shutdown.

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