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--- Comment #8 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
Hi Scott,

I am not sure what to say, but most code testing for OpenChrome DDX / DRM
happens on Xubuntu / Lubuntu.
They use Xfce and LXDE window manager, respectively.
I choose these platforms because they are fairly straightforward in setting up
the computer for development / testing.
If you wanted to see if your particular Everex laptop is capable of running
OpenChrome DDX, you may want to install Xubuntu / Lubuntu 18.04 to see if the
graphics works.
Generally speaking, VN896 chipset (mobile version of P4M900 chipset) gets the
most attention because I use HP 2133 Mini-Note for OpenChrome development, and
if there is a regression, I will notice it quickly.
As for other window managers, I do not actively test them at this point.
Outside of Xubuntu / Lubuntu, I have tested OpenChrome DDX / DRM on Debian 8
(DDX only mode setting and KMS both work) and OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 on
FreeBSD (Xfce as my window manager).
The FreeBSD version has issues with restoring analog (VGA) display right after
standby resume, although there is a workaround in restoring the display (enter
VT then go back to GUI).
I do not mean to blame you for anything, but I feel like some of the
instabilities you are encountering might not be the fault of OpenChrome

Kevin Brace
Brace Computer Laboratory blog

(In reply to Scott from comment #7)
> Openchrome DDX is working but is relatively unstable.
> It will not run without the /etc/default/grub entry.
> I initally used xorg-xinit, twm and xterm for testing.  Once I had a working
> screen, I went ahead and install lxqt, kwin and sddm.  sddm (qt5 display
> manager) would not start at all and there were errors about arch linux
> systemd and the keyboard.  Systemctl disable sddm.service and booting into
> the console (no Xorg) and startx loaded lxqt.  On opening lxterminal-qt, it
> the screen crashed and locked keyboard/touchpad.  The powerbutton still
> allowed for a reboot.
> I rebooted and install xorg-xdm and was able to start lxqt which is
> relatively unstable.
> On either logout or opening another virtual terminal from both twm and lxqt,
> I get a black screen with "snow" but the powerbutton still works for
> shutdown.

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