[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 106392] blank screen on OpenChrome with VIA VE900

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--- Comment #29 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
P Touchman, thus far, I have not touched any of the rendering related code
other than remove compilation warnings (mainly of "unused variables" type
In general, the rendering performance of OpenChrome DDX has been going downward
since X Server 1.11 (Lubuntu 12.04) even with the same exact OpenChrome DDX
I know this because I do test the same code by compiling against X Server 1.11
and 1.19, and 1.19 is clearly slower.
It is possible this is Linux kernel related since I didn't use identical
I do not plan to work on rendering related code until OpenChrome DRM is
mainlined (accepted) into the Linux kernel tree.

(In reply to ptouchman from comment #22)
> Thanks for your suggestion to try another OS, I booted Knoppix 8.1 live DVD
> installed to a flash drive and it worked!!!  I couldn't believe it. 
> Especially as it's supposed to be based on Debian 9.3.  So go figure.
> I also looked very hard for an xorg.conf file in Debian 9.3 and there wasn't
> any in /etc/X11 or in /usr/share/X11/.
> Since the knoppix 8.1 was working I thought I'd see what the performance of
> mame was and I only got 30fps on pacman (full speed would be 60fps).

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