[Openchrome-devel] [Bug 106392] blank screen on OpenChrome with VIA VE900

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--- Comment #30 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
P Touchman, I did not write most of OpenChrome DDX or DRM code.
All I have focused on are display automatic detection and improving standby
resume behavior for both DDX and DRM.
Although it might seem less than perfect, I am particularly focused on
improving the usability and reliability of OpenChrome.
That being said, the latest version you used was a developmental version (i.e.,
Version 0.6.174), so it might contain issues.
Typically, I do try to focus on fixes prior to the formal release version
(i.e., Version 0.6) so that it is as stable as possible.
Despite my best efforts, unfortunately things do break like OpenChrome DDX
Version 0.5 breaking HP 2133 mini-note's WLAN (Version 0.6 fixed this bug.).
    If I were to comment on graphics device driver development, it is pretty
hard to attract developers to do this for non-Big 3 x86 platform graphics
devices (Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA).
Nowadays, I think almost all Linux graphics device driver developers are
employed (paid) developers.
This is why very little development activities happen outside of Big 3 x86
platform graphics devices.
Besides that, it is really difficult to get people to develop code for graphics
devices older than 5 years (This is my observation.), in general.
    I was not too surprised that I got to present at XDC2017, although I was
pretty much the only unpaid developer at the conference (some of the Nouveau
developers work for RedHat).

(In reply to ptouchman from comment #27)
> After reading your presentation I can see that it's a pretty monumental task
> to write video drivers.  (A very interesting read, BTW)
> https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDC2017/brace_openchrome.pdf

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