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--- Comment #39 from Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com> ---
P Touchman, some new development.
I recently got VIA Technologies VT1632(A) DVI transmitter code into the
OpenChrome DRM, so I will have more time to spend on analyzing other issues.
I do not wish to go into too many details, but I own another copy of ECS
VX900-I mainboard.
However, this one is connected to Philips 720p HDTV.
Anyway, I installed Xubuntu 18.04 32-bit and 64-bit into this computer for
OpenChrome DRM development purposes.
I already got OpenChrome DRM compiled for the 64-bit installation, but not for
32-bit installation yet.
I am compiling OpenChrome DRM for the 32-bit installation in the background
right now as I write this e-mail on the 32-bit installation.
I have been trying to figure out weird issues that affect VGA on OpenChrome DRM
when HDMI and VGA are both connected.
Currently, VGA screen gets totally distorted when HDMI is connected, but I have
not figured out why this happens (spent about 2 hours on this issue yesterday,
but haven't found the reason why this happens).
That activity happened on the 64-bit installation again with OpenChrome DRM
Now, I decided to boot the 32-bit installation, and noticed the same exact
problem that plagued you.
Even though OpenChrome DDX does not support VX900 chipset's integrated DVI /
HDMI transmitter at this point (this will happen in the future), if one boots
the computer with both VGA and HDMI connected, one will get the "Out of Range"
warning from the monitor connected to VGA.
I was able to workaround the issue for now by temporarily disconnecting HDMI
from the ECS VX900-I mainboard, but keeping the VGA connected.
Try that workaround to see if it also works with you.
I will likely need to put in some code to not let this situation happen even if
HDMI is not going to be supported on OpenChrome DDX for now.

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