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Fran├žois Pradines francois_pradines at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 2 23:37:46 UTC 2016

For some time I have been trying to revive a Via EPIA M 10000 (CLE266 with VGA).I just succeeded yesterday with a 9W installer for non PAE system, which gives me a LUbuntu Trusty 14.04.4Everything works fine.It came with OpenChrome 0.3.3Building ans installing revision 52730d1 worked fine.The Xorg.log says it's now a development branch.There seems to be no hardware acceleration.The Xorg.log says 'DRM memory allocation failed -6'Last time I played with it was at the time of version 0.2.906 with no kms and all hardware acceleration done in userland
I'm searching for a system suitable to build the latest version and eventually try to tweak itI suppose a recent kernel is now needed to build the kms part, where all hardware acceleration will be done in the futureI tried Fedora 23 Lxde, which boots, but after 3 hours I gave up the installation process
Standard Ubuntu requires a PAE system to bootThe only thing I found was the 9W installer for non PAE system
Does anyone know of a system that could be installed on a non PAE hardware and still could be updated ?

Fran├žois Pradines
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