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minombresbond minombresbond at datafull.com
Sun Jan 20 05:39:45 PST 2008

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 02:05:50 +0100
"Dave Crossland" <dave at lab6.com> wrote:

> > i visited the unifont site, http://unifont.org/go_for_ofl/, and it seems
> > that there is a consensus behind the OFL license
> Yes; If you succeed in convincing font developers who normally
> distribute fonts with proprietary licenses to use the OFL, please do
> post about it here :-)

haha, I mean consensous in the FOSS community context!
How convincing an font developer to use OFL (perhaps once in a while!)? is another matter..

my personal vision is paciencie, non-provocative argumentation, diplomatic, long term goals, and 'practice what you preach' is needed

here, there is a small but active group of font designers, inspired in the work and academic lessons of Ruben Fontana, 
I think that part of this comunity could agree with the free philosophy.. if they knew a little more!
but I only know about 3 local profesional designer that really knows something about FLOSS, or use any free software for graphic design!

I believe that we must talk about 'free culture' instead/besides 'free software' when we talk with a the graphic designers, 
becose the software freedom issue have understood like a software/geek/hacker/technological issue but not design issue, especially 'non-webdesigner' designers
> The "Open Font License" always refers to the SIL OFL, as far as I
> know. If there is a specific part that is ambiguous, please post a
> link :-)

"What license should fonts submitted to this project be governed under?
The Open Font License." <- Then refers to SIL-OFL, right? then i can say that OpenFontLibrary recommend SIL-OFL too? 

BTW I want to experiment with parametric fonts with metafont, (for the moment I only playing hacking the computer-modern metafont code.. but i have a little typographic project with that) and I am grateful for the mention of the book Fonts & Encodings by Yannis Haralambous in ths list, is like a bible! thanks! great resource!


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