[Openfontlibrary] The Next Version of OFLB

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Sun Nov 2 02:13:04 PST 2008

2008/11/2 Ed Trager <ed.trager at gmail.com>:
>> Default tags for upload pages- do we want more than: african, arabic, asian,
>> cyrillic, fantasy, latin, monospace, sans_serif, script, serif, symbol
> Yes.
> I'm not sure what "default tags for upload pages" actually means,

It means, there is a administratively declared set of "recommended
tags" on http://openfontlibrary.fontly.org/submit/typeface which we
ought to discuss here, and a machine generated set of "popular" tags.

> but I think the list of categories is not yet completely thought-out ...

No, indeed. Ben just put a quick list there, and the list needs to
discuss what should be there.

> One question I have is will it be possible to have multiple tags on
> one font, say if I want to upload an "African" "sans-serif" font?

Sure! :-)

> For the geographic categories, I would have something much more along
> the lines of what I have got on
> http://eyegene.ophthy.med.umich.edu/NewUnifontDesign2/

Would you translate these into the following tags?

Scientific, Scholarly, Artistic, Pan Unicode, The Americas, Africa,
Europe, Europa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia,
Southeast Asia

> For the URL format, should it not be something more like the following instead?:
> http://openfontlibrary.org/people/benweiner/Puritan_Regular/2.0/Puritan_Regular-2.0.otf

I added that to the wiki TODO page.

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