[Openfontlibrary] ccHost compression

Ed Trager ed.trager at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 06:40:26 PST 2008

One can always change a file name extension to something else, so
testing against the file extension is probably not useful.  PHP's
$_FILES['userfile']['type'] will indicate the file's mime type if
provided by the browser, but I don't know how browsers determine the
mime type for uploaded files.  The *nix "file" command reads the file
headers and determines file type based on the pattern of bytes in the
headers of files -- that is the most reliable way to do it.  But
again, I don't know if browsers use a similar method or not.

- Ed

> I think a exclude list is better than an include list - that is, we
> should exclude files with .exe .php and so on, and include any files
> not matching this ban-list.

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