[OpenFontLibrary] AdBard?

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Thu Jun 4 11:32:15 PDT 2009

2009/6/4 Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas_spalinger at sil.org>:
> Well, I'd personally much rather see resources coming from another round
> of funding by interested patrons like we discussed earlier and setting
> up a goodies (t-shirts, etc) store.

That takes more effort than just adding a JS snippet to the page
templates, and I don't think its an either/or choice :-)

> I'm a bit worried about some ads reflecting badly on our community
> goals ("A gazillion free fonts here" link) but the network of ads seem
> to be FLOSS oriented. I guess it depends which ads come through and how
> intrusive or not it is in the final design...

Yes, I agree - we wouldn't want eg Google Ads showing ads for
proprietary fonts on the site.

> Also, is putting ads in line with the hosting and acceptable use policy
> of our host @ the University of Oregon?

I looked and couldn't see, so I've asked.

> While we're on that subject I'd say it's useful to be as transparent as
> possible about the way money interacts with our community: source of
> funds and recipients while also recognizing the crucial non-commercial
> contributions.

Yes; I'm planning to make a TUG Libre Fonts Funds statement once
OFLBv2 is done.

> A fund for travels/meetups would be very useful too. Some of our core
> OFLB community members wanted to go to LGM to talk about fonts and
> interact with the others but sadly couldn't.

Yes, although I think development is a priority at the moment.

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