[OpenFontLibrary] workflow hints

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 13:52:04 PDT 2010

On 6/15/10, Schrijver wrote:

> Generally, you won’t want to work on the UFO files directly, but you
> interface through an editor which can read and write UFO, like fontforge or
> the proprietary alternative.

I sort of suspected that :-P

> I guess internally fontforge then creates a fontforge project, but that
> doesn’t really matter. The UFO is what you put into versioning, and what
> other tools speak to.
> To get stuff in and out of the UFO fontforge scripting should work really
> well; Dave posted a 4 line script to generate ttf’s; and you could for
> example write a script that imports svg’s.

That would mean fighting away some important tasks to get a grasp on
programming. Not in this life. But I got the idea :)

> We made some documentation on this on the wiki, but that’s offline…
> **poke Dave** (sorry man, I know you work hard!)
> Eric
> ps to programmatically manipulate ufo there is also the robofab python
> library

Yeah, I was intending to have a look at that one day, when I have
nothing to do, that is, when I'm dead and buried six feet underground

In other words, would it be considered polite to just distribute
FontForge source and expect someone contribute a script that exports
it to UFO or whatever, in case that someone really-really needs it?

Alexandre Prokoudine

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