[Openicc] Open Source compatible AdobeRGB profile

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Fri Jul 7 05:57:16 PDT 2006

Am 07.07.06, 16:18 +0400 schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:

> On 7/7/06, Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> > Graeme is more quick, than take these. compatibleWithAdobeRGB.icc will be
> > includeed in the Oyranos profile collection package to make it available
> > at /usr/share/color/icc on linux systems.
> Any chance we create a repository of free ICC profiles?
Yes of course. Some are allready available in a debian package and in 
Oyranos (tgz and rpm). 
Some have propriarity licenses some are more free. The are all available 
for free.
see for instance: http://www.oyranos.org/#download

IMHO the main point for standard OS profiles is
A: to be certain to the extent of identity (not creative)
B: are they available out of charge?

The in Oyranos collected profiles are both.
The freedom provided is not the one you would prefere. Nevertheless tt is 
a reasonable freedom accepted by many users. Please, dont confuse the 
situation with the one arround Pantone spotcolours. Thats very different.

So, for instance, having the ECI ones with a Heidelberg license, which 
prohibits reusing the tables, is a non issue. One can easily recreate the 
profiles from the freely available measurements. The Heidelberg ones are 
considered very good if not the best ones. It is not easy to substitute in 
the mind of the users.

It is vital to have the _one_ identical profile and dont use substitutes. 
As long as we can, the original profiles are prefered. AdobeRGB is
only an exception due to licensing.

If you want to have nice profiles you are free to create them. The tools 
are available. I am shure Graeme and Marti will assist you. 

I thought about to include the measurements into Oyranos to let advanced 
users play with black generation curves via argyll. Still on the 
thinkboard. But I would not call such profiles standard, more resampled.

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
                                + development for color management 
                                + imaging / panoramas
                                + email: ku.b at gmx.de
                                + http://www.behrmann.name

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