[Openicc] Profile installation and association for Linux/Unix/X11

Markus Raab openicc at markus-raab.org
Wed Apr 30 08:32:52 PDT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 30. April 2008 09:38 schrieb Graeme Gill:
> Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> > The Elektra tarball can be downloaded here:
> > http://www.markus-raab.org/ftp/elektra-0.7.0rc3.tar.gz
> I don't know how one is meant to find this, as it isn't on
> the SourceForge download page!

Ok, for next rc I will put it there too.

> I got a lot further with this, but the bit that I was particularly
> interested in, still didn't build properly:
> src/backends/ini:
> Perhaps it's not supported/maintained.

Yes, it is not yet ported to 0.7.
It should be disabled by default, please don't enable it ;)

thank you
Markus Raab

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