[Openicc] Profile installation and association for Linux/Unix/X11

Markus Raab openicc at markus-raab.org
Wed Apr 30 08:55:59 PDT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 30. April 2008 08:22 schrieb Graeme Gill:
> Markus Raab wrote:
> > Unfortunately you are absolutely right. The reason is that mounting in
> > the yet unreleased 0.7 is a brand-new feature. But everybody is welcome
> > to change the situation and write backends!
> I started looking into writing a JSON back end for Elektra 0.7,

That would be great!

You may want to have a look at:
CODING document, section Compile a backend or = Add a backend  = if you want 
that it comes into elektra (BSD licence required).

> It seems that building Elektra from source is not easy. My first attempt
> on my Fedora Core 8 box resulted in errors such as:

It is only easy if you have the correct automake/autoconf.
1.9.6 is known to work.

> Looking into the bootstrap.sh file, I determined that I have
> automake-1.10 and aclocal-1.10 as the default versions on this system,
> which Elektra doesn't seem to want to use. I changed them to
> 1.7 as per the acceptable version range in the check below this
> and then got this sort of thing:
> ./bootstrap.sh
> > You should add the contents of `/usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4' to
> > `aclocal.m4'. ACLOCAL
> > aclocal: configure.ac: 289: macro `AM_ICONV' not found in library
> > configure.ac: no proper invocation of AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE was found.

Seems like I have changed something to be not compatible to 1.7 anymore ;(

> Having failed with V0.7, I then tried to at least build it from the
> 0.6.10-2 RPM on the source forge site, and got this:
> rpmbuild --rebuild elektra-0.6.10-2.src.rpm
> > Installing elektra-0.6.10-2.src.rpm
> > warning: user aviram does not exist - using root
> > warning: group aviram does not exist - using root
> > warning: user aviram does not exist - using root
> > warning: group aviram does not exist - using root
> > error: Package already exists: %package debuginfo

0.6 is not really useful anymore if you don't have software using it. Multiple 
backends are not supported there.

> I'm really not at all familiar with automake, and don't really want to know
> any more about it (one of the reasons I chose a different build system for
> my software was specifically to avoid having to get tangled up in automake
> and friends), so I haven't pursued it any further. I'm not finding the
> documentation within Elektra particularly easy to comprehend, so I was
> hoping to trace the behavior of various back ends to determine what the
> back end API actually consists of.

I have uploaded the documentation here:

But basically a backend consists of only 5 functions, see
src/backends/template you can use it as starting point:
int kdbOpen_template(KDBHandle *handle)
int kdbClose_template(KDBHandle *handle)
ssize_t kdbGet_template(KDBHandle *handle, KeySet *r, const Key *parentKey)
ssize_t kdbSet_template(KDBHandle *handle, KeySet *r, const Key *parentKey)

What these functions needs to fulfill is described in detail in the 
documentation Modules -> KDB Backends
don't be scared, you don't have to fulfill everything described in kdbGet and 
kdbSet, you can declare with capabilities what your backend supports.

thank you
Markus Raab

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