[Openicc] Proposed "ucmm" display profile configuration convention used by ArgyllCMS.

Alastair M. Robinson blackfive at fakenhamweb.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 10:39:25 PDT 2008


Graeme Gill wrote:

> I can't really agree with you that any such convention has been established.
> Various proposals have been made, there is a smattering of support,
> but I think that there has been too little real world use for
> for there to be any real consensus.

Perhaps.  Maybe as the author of one of the pieces of software that 
defaults to searching in the $PREFIX/share/color/icc path I'm just keen 
to see the "standard" location (or a subdirectory thereof) used since it 
makes my life easier! ;)

> It is not obvious to me at all for
> instance, that the installation of system device profiles has been properly
> considered.

That's true - thus far it has been left to individual applications to 
associate individual profiles with devices - or to use a framework which 
does so, such as Oyranos.  And the xicc specification, of course.

It's important to remember, though, that this association of profiles 
with devices is a tricky problem to solve, especially if we want the 
correct profile to be used without user-interaction.  With printers I'd 
say this is impossible in fact.  It's perfectly plausible for a user to 
have two different types of paper, print to them using the same print 
settings, and thus end up with two completely different profiles for 
what software sees as identical conditions.

> It is obvious to me that a vendor/colorspace hierarchy is not
> the right place for them.

There I would certainly agree.  The vendor/colorspace hierarchy helps in 
keeping licenses straight, but I can't see where else the vendor is 

> Sure, and I have already agreed that for user installed profiles,
> some sort of hierarchy seems appropriate. I'm not convinced it
> has to be directories though, and it seems completely inappropriate
> for system installed profiles.

I'm not entirely sure I understand the distinction you're making between 
the two.  Are you referring to what in an ideal world would be 
user-invisible profiles (monitor, etc) as system-installed?

All the best
Alastair M. Robinson

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