[Openicc] Color Management for Ubuntu

peter linnell plinnell at scribus.info
Fri Apr 29 06:45:00 PDT 2011

On 4/29/11 1:58 PM, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Hi,
> as everyone here on the list already knows, Fedora is introducing color
> management. I would like to get it also into Ubuntu, version 11.10
> (Oneiric).
> The development cycle for Oneiric is starting now and on May 9-13 the
> Ubuntu Developer Summit [0] for Oneiric will take place. For that I have
> filed a Blueprint [1] for creating the specification [2] of the Color
> Management implementation in Ubuntu. We also will have a discussion
> session (BoF) on the Summit, with possibility of remote participation.
> I want to ask you as color management experts for help to develop the
> specification in order to get a working color management stack into
> Ubuntu. It should make color management as easy as possible, both for
> graphics professionals (easy calibration and color profile applying) and
> for "normal users" who often even do not know about color profiles
> (reasonable defaults). You are also invited to participate in the
> discussion on the UDS and to fill the spec [2] (it is a Wiki). I think
> the best is that we do the implementation similar to Fedora.
> To participate, create a Launchpad [3] account and subscribe to
> Blueprint and spec, to get notified about changes and to get write
> access. For remote participation in the UDS session see [4].
> Let us get a great color-managed Ubuntu.
> Till
> [0]http://uds.ubuntu.com/
> [1]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-icc-color-management
> [2]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/O/AddICCBasedColorManagement
> [3]http://launchpad.net/
> [4]http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/remote/
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Hi Till,

Big question: Why limit this to just Ubuntu ?

Even better, lets get this into Debian proper as well as Fedora, 
openSUSE and Mandriva/Mageia. :)  I have contacts for distro packagers 
and desktop teams on all of the ones I mentioned.

My main purpose of this list was to support open source color management 
wherever we can, no matter what the platform. I think because of the 
solid participation of domain experts here we have seen real steady 

Thoughts ?



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