[Openicc] CPD and Color Management licenses

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Thu May 5 12:05:03 PDT 2011

I no several media vendors which are offering since yers ICC profiles 
for download including a description how to setup printer drivers, to 
get the profiles working.

Integrating the printers settings into the profile will not change the 
business of this media vendors.
If people want to be on the secure side in the LINUX area, they should 
use ArgyllCMS for shared profiles.

Best regards

Am 05.05.11 03:50, schrieb Chris Murphy:
> Yes, small problem. I am unfamiliar with the Argyll license, although 
> I do have it installed, so I don't know if it meets these 
> requirements. Even if it does meet these requirements, and it's 
> possible to populate its ICC profiles with print settings metadata, 
> this is pretty much certainly not the case with any other application 
> that creates ICC profiles. And I've thought as long as ten years ago 
> this was a predictable outcome with the ICC profile format baking in 
> transforms into the profile. It is actually at least as correct, if 
> not more correct, to refer to profiles as "transformation profiles" 
> rather than "device profiles" because while they can also describe 
> device behavior, this is only true if they were produced correctly in 
> the first place, and if you're smart enough to know how to unwind the 
> transforms. They don't contain absolute measurement data only - it's 
> highly manipulated data.
> Getting away the notion that an ICC profile has IP attached to it in some way, we'd have to totally rethink the profile format toward absolute measurement data only profiles (that of course describe conditions, measurement devices used, etc) and leave even more effort up to the color management engine than at present. So it's shifts the problem around a bit, I think to a more appropriate location. But this doesn't really help matters today. We're stuck with what we've got, for the time being.
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