[Openicc] Passing settings to Gutenprint

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Fri May 6 01:25:02 PDT 2011

Hello all,
We have to use cases here

1) colormanaged print pipeline:
Here I would recommend, that pdftoraster embeddd the ICC-profile with 
embedded Gutenprint settings into the raster-file for Gutenprinttoraster.
Gutenprinttoraster parses the rasterfile for an embedded ICC-profile 
with Gutenprint-settings, if profile and settings are detected, 
Gutenprint imports temporarly this settings.
If nothing is detected, Gutenprint uses default settings or settings 
specified trhough PPD options.

2) tdevice state printing
Gutenprints gets an rasterfile without embedded profile and settings. 
Gutenprint settings are defined through the CPD advanced settings.
If advanced users want to do applications based printer color 
management, they create through CPD a preset with the preferred 
Gutenprint settings.

Am 06.05.11 00:36, schrieb edmund ronald:
> BTW, I think we still have an architectural item open, which is 
> finding a way to pass the XML settings -which can be extensive, I 
> guess- to Gutenprint.
> I do understand that in many cases these settings will have been 
> extracted from a profile.
> If this is trivial or has been dealt with, please say so ...
> Edmund
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