[Openicc] colormanaged print path - the big picture

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Sun May 8 04:27:51 PDT 2011

Hello list,
We had a lot of discussion about details for a color managed printing 
path on the list the last months.

To focus the discussion, i wrote a proposal at:


This proposal has following goals:
- Offering a color manged print path for standard RGB print spool files as default setup in the print pipeline
- offering a "one click install" for additional printer setups with integrated ICC-profil
- offering robust opt-out for printing profiling testcharts

- successive disclose of gutenprint driver settings for
	- standard users (working with presets only)
	- color enthusiast (printing testcharts with predefined printer setups, dealing with rendering intents)
	- color experts (creating individual printer setups)

If the proposal would be realized, this would lead to a new class of printing application, wich can be used both as standard driver or normal users, but offering advanced features normally only available in professional RIP-solutions.

In´m not a developer, but so far as I understand CUPS, GhostScript, Gutenprint and CPD now, central parts of the proposal could may be realised through the GoogleSocc CPD project during June.

I´m sure, that people on the list have idease to enhance the proposal or to deliver alternatives for details or even for central parts of the proposal.

Ideas for enhancing details of the propsal should be integrated direct in the OpenICC wiki page.
People, which think a color manged printing path should be organized in a quite differnt way, should publish an alternative proposal at OpenICC.

Best regards

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