[Openicc] Prototype Color Managed Gutenprint - where to put the settings files?

peter linnell plinnell at scribus.info
Mon May 9 16:49:00 PDT 2011

On 5/9/11 6:58 PM, edmund ronald wrote:
> Hi to whoever this may concern :)
> Robert and I would welcome comments on the practical  issue below,
> especially from the distribution guys..
> We will SOON enable "settings" for Gutenprint, and start using them for our
> own work in describing inking behavior.
> The question is where to put the settings files. If  they get placed in
>   /tmp/ as Robert suggests, we may be creating security issues and in any
> case we would have a fragile prototype and this could only be done in a dev
> branch.
> If there exists a "canonical" place to put ink settings, eg. the same place
> as the PPDs, then maybe we could enable this feature in the standard
> distribution of Gutenprint, which is something *I* would much prefer, as the
> feature would then be integrated in the main distributions and be *tested*
> and available for use by all the color management superstructure we have
> been discussing at length here.
> All *concrete, immediate* suggestions appreciated.
> Edmund
>> On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 4:08 AM, Robert Krawitz<rlk at alum.mit.edu>  wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 8 May 2011 17:38:43 +0200, edmund ronald wrote:
>>>>> I think we should figure out a way to run a prototype that accepts
>>>>> settings files
>>>> OK.  So suppose I define a tag in the PPD file (in a development
>>>> branch -- I am not putting this into the mainline code, because it's a
>>>> security hole and because we'll surely wind up doing it differently:
>>>> *StpSettingsFile: "/tmp/settings.stp"
>>>> It will load color settings from that file, and everything else from
>>>> the PPD file/command line.
>>>> --
>>>> Robert Krawitz<rlk at alum.mit.edu>


At LGM Kai-Uwe and I can add this to the list of topics to cover in the 
dicussions during the week.

I also know that some effort is being pushed to put some life in to FHS. 
I have bugs filed for color profiles, so this is a good time to think 
about settings and PPD's to be part of an endorsed standard.



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