[Openicc] Printing targets: App or driver ?

Jan-Peter Homann homann at colormanagement.de
Mon May 16 01:10:52 PDT 2011

Hello to all,

Reading the discussion about print targets, i missed some points:

1) CMYK Colorspace for profiling Gutenprint:
I strongly recommend to profile CMYK+X printers only with CMYK (+X) 
targets. Dealing with the relation of CMY to K is much better handled 
inside the printer ICC profile, than with a internal Gutenprint 
RGB_to_CMYK conversion and an RGB-printer-profile on the top.

So it doesn´t make sense to offer in the driver a option for printing 
testcharts from an application if the application / printspool toolkit 
can´t handle CMYK files.

2) Necessary tasks for dealing with testcharts, driver settings and 
printer profiles
- a testchart must be printed with a carefully choosen setting for 
printer / media / quality setting
- after printing the testchart and calculating the profile, we need a 
save way to link printer-profile and correct driver setting
- new combinations of a printer profile and driver setting should be 
easily and reliable installed by users, which don´t know anything about 
colormanagement and printer profiles.

3) How to realise such functionalities:
We may could implement the functionalities for:
- testchart printing
- calling a profiler toolkit
- linking printer profile and driver settings
- importing printer profile with linked driver setting

as a combination of g-c-m or Oyranos with CPD

- choosing a driver setting is done into CPD
- sending a CMYK testchart directly to the printer is done from g-c-m or 
Oyranos through CPD directly to restertogutenprint or rsatertovendorXY
- measuring the testchart and calling the profiling toolkit is done with 
g-c-m or Oyranos using the Argyll libs for driving spectrophotometers or 
calling Argyll colproof
- linking printer profile with the driver settings is done in g-c-m or 
Oyranos with e.g usage of Argyll ICC-lib, which provides already the 
addition to new tags to an existing printer profile
- importing a new printer profile with embedded driver settings is 
handled in CPD
- If the user chooses in CPD a new driversetting / ICC, the profile is 
communicated through colord or Oyranos to pdftoraster
- pdftoraster embedds the profile into the raster file for 
rastertogutenprint or rastertovendorXY
- rastertogutenprint or rastertovendorXY extracts from the embedded 
printerprofile the driver settings and prints the rasterfile.

- Would this suggestion work with current g-c-m / colord architecture ?

- Does this fit into your concept for an Oyranos based print workflow ?

Michael Sweet:
- Are there any security issues in the described workflow ?

Best regards

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