[Openicc] Printing targets: App or driver ?

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Mon May 16 04:23:16 PDT 2011

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 10:10 AM, Jan-Peter Homann <
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> Hello to all,
> Reading the discussion about print targets, i missed some points:
> 1) CMYK Colorspace for profiling Gutenprint:
> I strongly recommend to profile CMYK+X printers only with CMYK (+X)
> targets. Dealing with the relation of CMY to K is much better handled inside
> the printer ICC profile, than with a internal Gutenprint RGB_to_CMYK
> conversion and an RGB-printer-profile on the top.
This is an interesting remark. At the moment, we have working presets for
some printers, and an internal working though not perfect RGB => CMYK
conversions for Gutenprint; Historically RGB was sent better through CUPS. I
suggest that we start with an RGB print path. Note also that Linux apps are
not very good at separating to CMYK by a profile usually :) so for
prototyping I think RGB is really the only choice, not because it is better
or even as good, but just because we can.

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