[Openicc] Printing targets: App or driver ? Profiling RGB or CMYK

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Tue May 17 05:59:53 PDT 2011

On Tue, 17 May 2011 10:03:26 +0200, Jan-Peter Homann wrote:
> Hi Alastair,
> You made a good point. For a smooth step forward, with current available tools and settings (Argyll / Gutenprint), you correct, that profiling in RGB based on a good Gutenprint RGB->CMYK Setting is easier for crowd profiling, which is quite important for the next months.
> Question to Robert Krawitz:
> There are a lot of testet Gutenprint settings available, which include the Gutenprint specific RGB->CMYK conversion.
> - Is it possible to create a Gutenprint "CMYK-only" setting by just deactivating the RGB->CMYK conversion ?

"Deactivate the RGB->CMYK conversion"?  I don't understand.  If one
were to do that, they would get RGB output (or perhaps CMY, depending
upon how it's defined; Gutenprint does offer CMY output).

Based on the rest of this, are you really asking "is it possible to
determine the internal settings Gutenprint is actually using"?

> - Is it possible to to read easily following parameters from the deactivated RGB->CMYK conversion:
>      - Black generation settings ?
>      - Total ink limit ?

No, not at present.  I can see API changes that would make it

> For stepping into CMYK profiling, this could lead to following workflow
> - read the Gutenprint settings black geneartion and ink-limit for an tested setting
> - deactivate the Gutenprint RGB-CMYK conversion
> - Print the testchart
> - generate profile with similar settings for black generation and ink-limit
> Question to Graeme Gill:
> Some Ink / Media Combinations need heavy total ink limits. Is it possible with Argyll to create CMYK-testcharts which are alraedyoptimize for an ink limit and black generation ?

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