[Openicc] [ANNOUNCE] ICC Examin 0.49

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Sun May 29 12:04:07 PDT 2011

ICC Examin Version 0.49 is a feature release. The package contains 
baseline ICC v4.x support and bug fixes.

Changes overview:
* support ICC v4.x para and mAB /mBA  tags
* support more CGATS data variants
* display more broken ICC profiles and tags
* uses Oyranos for all colour conversions
* support Synnefo as Oyranos front end

ICC Examin is a small utility (unix name: iccexamin) for the
purpose of watching the internals of ICC profiles, measurement
data (CGATS), colour samples (named colour profiles), gamut
visualisations (vrml) and video card gamma tables (Xorg/XFree86/osX).

ChangeLog Version 0.49

Kai-Uwe Behrmann (42):
         * [core]: accept nLUT channels level
         * [core]: set initial nLUT level at middle
         * [core]: fix 4+n Lut navigation
         * [core]: add Gl channels setter
         * [build]: use RPM Recommends only in openSUSE
         * [build]: script update to new profile packages
         * [build]: script disable sane on osX
         * [build]: add libxml and libpng to build script
         * [build]: install new v0.3.0 Oyranos libraries
         * [core]: use correct order for mAB matrix elements
         * [core]: show mAB nLUTs in 3D viewer
         * [docu]: GL_Ansicht::hineinTabelle
         * [core]: getTagChannelNames() more tag types
         * [core]: remove unneeded updating
         * [core]: enable mBA
         * [core]: redraw table choice
         * [core]: prepend channel names before curve texts
         * [core]: show complex tags icCurveType and matrix
         * [core]: rename Mft to Table
         * [core]: add ICCprofile::getPCS()
         * [i18n]: update deutsch
         * [core]: show parametric tag as curve
         * [core]: adapt diagram raster brightness
         * [core]: more details on curve in mAB
         * [cine]: reduce debug output
         * [cine]: translate ICC to Oyranos proof intent
         * [core]: use profile intent for proof gamut
         * [cine]: use generic values ranges
         * [cine]: allocate buffers before context
         * [cine]: fix options assignment
         * [core]: fix string compile warnings
         * [build]: script checks for cinepaint Makefile
         * [build]: use gettext with new generated code
         * [core]: include missed i18n macro
         * [core]: detect oyStructList_s data from tags
         * [core]: access tag data from Oyranos
         * [core]: punkte renaming
         * [core]: use waehleMft() for MftChoice again
         * [core]: mAB support I
         * [core]: allow explicite MftChoice settings
         * [core]: add idendity curve
         * [conf]: bump version

Togan Muftuoglu (1):
         * [build]: move nvidia to Recommends

Version v0.48:

Kai-Uwe Behrmann (124):
         * [core]: fix application search function
         * [core]: ignore missed device channels in ncl2
         * [core]: use profile headers channel count
         * [core]: add channels count fallback
         * [core]: prevent numerical exception
         * [core]: use pixel access objects for optimisation
         * [core]: fix declaration
         * [core]: add Synnefo Oyranos front send
         * [cine]: omit switch to Oyranos
         * [core]: refresh after options change
         * [core]: add absolute intent for initial mesh
         * [core]: rename variables
         * [core]: remove progress indicator for Oyranos
         * [core]: convert colours only as needed
         * [core]: initialise variables
         * [core]: initialise variable
         * [core]: correct XYZ value range on data set
         * [core]: default absolute intent in core options
         * [core]: remove unneeded conversion functions
         * [core]: scale XYZ display to new value range
         * [core]: use ui options again
         * [core]: omit measurement scaling
         * [core]: add full rendering options name
         * [core]: fix single buffer pixel count
         * [core]: set drawing to double buffers for lcms
         * [core]: convert complete data
         * [core]: fix access to multiple pixels
         * [core]: omit unused code
         * [core]: cache one pixel transforms
         * [core]: fix temorary buffer usage
         * [core]: adapt to Oyranos new alpha API change
         * [core]: set correct buffers
         * [core]: omit unused buffer
         * [conf]: update
         * [core]: catch unexpected display names
         * [core]: fix Oyranos option keys
         * [core]: fix wrong context assignment
         * [core]: clean up intermediate debugging code
         * [core]: fix drawing with Oyranos colours
         * [core]: simplify holeRGBRampen()
         * [core]: compile fixes
         * [core]: use Oyranos' ICC definitions
         * [core]: convert from lcms to Oyranos 1
         * [core]: fontconfig searches DejaVuSans.ttf
         * [conf]: sync with Oyranos script
         * [build]: fix sane build
         * [build]: switch to new profile packages
         * [build]:  reduce downloads and rebuilding
         * [core]: zoom with mouse wheel
         * [core]: move cut plane by shift + mouse wheel
         * [core]: mouse plane move
         * [core]: show mouse move cursor and zoom
         * [build]: compress package with bzip2
         * [core]: update to Oyranos API change
         * [conf]: sync with Oyranos
         * [build]: script disable lcms in LibRaw
         * [build]: script LibRaw, kolor-manager, CinePaint
         * [build]: add build script to git
         * [conf]: desktop Categories=Graphics;Viewer;
         * [conf]: use -fPIC only for 64bit builds
         * [conf]: desktop Applications;Graphics;Publishing
         * [conf]: add configure --fltk-config-flags option
         * [conf]: move link flag to proper variable
         * [conf]: set paths to freetype on osX
         * [core]: support pser user temp file name
         * [core]: add update option to intent()
         * [core]: fix recent wget fallback #dad898c4
         * [build]: update RPM spec
         * remove elektra requirement
         * [core]: beautify code
         * [core]: symetrical activate net
         * [core]: ICCnetz::aktiv variable is private
         * [core]: allow fallback for non wget
         * [core]: poll for changed files
         * [core]: reenable file observer thread
         * [core]: comment net-color spec profile inclusion
         * [conf]: reenable threading in CinePaint plugin
         * [core]: careful update
         * [core]: not always update in ICCexamin::intent()
         * [core]: reenable ICCexamin::lade()
         * [core]: revert #d7f3e5f52
         * [core]: fix push_back()
         * [core]: fix compile warning
         * [core]: add intermediate title
         * [core]: initialise titel string
         * [core]: one more request
         * [conf]: update devel date
         * [docu]: add Fedora requirements
         * [core]: load harmonic patch sets or skip
         * [core]: omit static variable
         * [core]: enable loading again
         * [core]: remove many lcms references
         * [core]: remove threads
         * [core]: omit line break for singe line texts
         * [core]: send arch and distribution name during download
         * [conf]: store arch and distribution names
         * [core]: support download without TMP variable
         * [core]: fix DISPLAY string crash
         * [core]: dont crash with missed default profiles
         * [core]: use explicite ColorSync on osX
         * [build]: install OpenICC profiles
         * [i18n]: adapt app bundle i18n path
         * [conf]: detect osX version not Darwin's
         * [core]: just GL widget
         * [core]: hide mft_gl widget on osX
         * [conf]: set release version and date
         * [build]: on osX, bundle libXcm
         * [core]: better format the dict tag type text
         * [i18n]: update deutsch
         * [cine]: load net-color monitor profile
         * [i18n]: update deutsch
         * [docu]: ICC profile <-> calibration data window
         * [build]: add suse_update_desktop_file RPM macro
         * [core]: turn ndin into drawing
         * [core]: better format ndin and mmod text output
         * [core]: draw first three XYZ points as triangle
         * [core]: detect new tag types
         * [core]: avoid cieShoe drawing conflicts
         * [core]: disable incremental updates
         * [build]: elder FLTK compile fix
         * [core]: fix access to NULL ptr array
         * [build]: install the png icon correctly
         * [conf]: bump version
         * [docu]: update changelog

Nicolas Chauvet (1):
         * [conf]: apply Fedora pkg-config patch

Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters.

git:      git://www.oyranos.org/git/icc_examin
git sha1: f801da5585c8a17b0a86f95b4209693dde8bda76
Package:  http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/oyranos/ICC%20Examin/ICC%20Examin%200.49/icc_examin-0.49.tar.gz
size:     677084
md5sum:   353772d13cea0d50cc5069b7dd417fd5  icc_examin-0.49.tar.gz
sha1sum:  bb657d9f153b0c99812ca3821129ff12ca2d25ac  icc_examin-0.49.tar.gz
Linux RPM:http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/bekun/

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
www.behrmann.name + www.oyranos.org

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