[Openicc] What is exactly needed for color management ... driver setup PPD

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Wed Jun 1 05:36:43 PDT 2011

On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 13:48:36 +0200, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> On 06/01/2011 12:42 PM, Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> Ghostscript's ..toraster filters also read the PPD and the 5th
> command line argument. If the input is PDF, the filter parses the
> PostScript code snippets of the selected option settings (selected
> by PPD defaults and 5th command line argument) from the PPD and adds
> appropriate command line arguments to the Ghostscript command
> line. In case of PostScript input the pstops CUPS filter inserts the
> PostScript code pieces into the PostScript data stream and
> Ghostscript applies them. In both cases the header, color space,
> bitmap size, resolution, and format of the CUPS raster file get set
> (see http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/doc-1.5/spec-raster.html)
> for the CUPS Raster format specifications. The CUPS Raster header
> can carry driver-specific data, but only 16 integers, 16 floating
> point numbers, and 16 strings iwth up to 64 bytes each, no embedded
> ICC profile.

*WHY* do people designing file formats insist on having arbitrary
limitations like that???!!!  Yes, I know it's slightly more convenient
in C if you can use fixed-length strings and arrays (you can just
declare objects rather than having to go through the slight
inconvenience of constructing them), but...but...but...

> I do not know which of these resources rastertogutenprint exactly
> uses, but due to the fact that a color profile cannot get embedded
> in a CUPS Raster data stream, the color correction of the profile
> has to be applied by the ...toraster filter (Ghostscript or
> Poppler).

Yes, but the big issue is how to get the settings object into

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