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Michael Vrhel michael.vrhel at artifex.com
Wed Jun 1 06:22:57 PDT 2011

Hi Jan-Peter,

The embedding of the data's profile into the raster format is something that 
should be in place by the next release of ghostscript in August (9.03) .  I 
have an open enhancement request for this for the TIFF, JPEG and PNG output 
devices of ghostscript.    A similar thing could be done for the CUPs 
device, which I believe is the device used for gstoraster.   However, I am 
not familiar with where or how the data is packed into the CUPs raster.

My plan is to add in a new device parameter that can be set on the command 
line to indicate if the profile should or should not be embedded.   I need 
to decide what the default behavior should be (i.e. to embed or not) .


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Hello to all,
Some comments at the end.

Michael Vrhel:
Could you please comment, if GhostScript is able to embedd the target
profile of an ICC based color transformation into the rasterfile handled
over to rastertogutenprint

If yes, which command has to used for doing this ?

Best regards

Am 01.06.11 10:16, schrieb Kai-Uwe Behrmann:
> Am 01.06.11, 09:49 +0200 schrieb Jan-Peter Homann:
>> Hello Robert and all,
>> We have distinguish two use cases of the DICT key
>> 1) synchronizing the target profile in gstoraster with setting of 
>> Gutenprint
>> This can be solved through embedding the complete serialized Gutenprint 
>> setting as Metadata into the printer profile.
>> This could e.g. be:
>> KEY: "Gutenprint"
>> VALUE: "XML_Gutenprint_setting"
> Kai-Uwe:
> With some lcms code for extracting the Gutenprint XML from the profiles 
> meta tag that should work. But at which exact place in the filter chain is 
> this to be done?
> Does rastertoprinter see the output ICC profile?
> Can gstoraster, which will see the output profile, pass the Gutenprint XML 
> to rastertoprinter?
I would recommend, that gstoraster embedds the printer profile in the
raster-file which is handled over to rastertogutenprint and Gutenprint
checks the incoming raster-file for an embedded profile and than looks
for the DICT Metadata.

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