[Openicc] What is exactly needed: Embedded Profile in CUPS raster !!

Graeme Gill graeme at argyllcms.com
Wed Jun 1 16:31:31 PDT 2011

Jan-Peter Homann wrote:
> As the printer profile is applied in "..toraster", we need a mechanism
> that the driver knows which profile has been used in "..toraster" and
> which driver setting should be used for printing.
> If we embedd the printer profile from "..toraster" conversion into the
> CUPS raster file, the driver simply can extract the driver settings from
> the profile and use it for printing.
> I currently don not see an alternative approach to solve the use case of
> downloading and configuring a printer profile.

The opposite approach to:

	Choose profile -> implies printer setup

is to
	Choose printer setup -> implies profile.

I suspect the latter is likely to be  much more user friendly, since
creating profile is non-trivial, and covering every possible printer
setup with a profile is likely to be impossible (combinatorial explosion),
and unnecessary (the same profile may work OK with many similar setups).

Graeme Gill.

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