[Openicc] New OPENICC_automatic_generated metadata key

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 01:14:33 PDT 2011

On 20 June 2011 06:53, Kai-Uwe Behrmann <ku.b at gmx.de> wrote:
> The "OPENICC_automatic_generated" key follows slightly your
> "automatic_assignment" key, which you talked about at LGM. I just added
> q OPENICC_ prefix and created a similar name to reflect, what I found
> more appropriate for fallback profiles. But I am neither satisfied nor
> is it much discussed or set in stone.

Well, I would prefer you didn't use the OPENICC_ prefix -- at least
not without general agreement from this mailing list. Adding any
"openicc" prefix to essentially a new Oyranos-specific key seems
disingenuous at best.

The whole idea of the extra metadata is to tag the profile with extra
metadata so that the CMF can do something sane. So it makes no sense
to have a tag COLORD_CHECK=1 when you want to verify just your own
profiles. It makes much more sense to have CREATOR=colord and put the
logic in the code and leave the metadata general.

> The "edid" value is specific for a device class. As a general concept it
> applies to ranking.

That's a CMF implementation detail, not a property of the profile.
colord doesn't do ranking, it just puts the edid profile in the "soft"
profiles list and manually created profiles in the "hard" list. I
think a COLORD_relation=soft key would be pretty insane.

> My above key tried to generalise the "edid" value
> for all device classes. I can not get much meaning out of a "calib"

Meaning, created using manual calibration using a hardware calibration device.

> value for a ICC profile in DATA_source. As well DATA is not easy for a
> namespace. It is not clear wo whom it belongs and to what it applies.

Where the data came from that allowed us to generate the profile.

> How about(?)
> OPENICC_profile_source:["device","computer","internet_db"]

Again, that's an implementation detail. You're having to do the
heuristic OPENICC_profile_source=device for printer devices is worse
than OPENICC_profile_source=internet_db. Broken.

> Something more tied to the quality of the data source would be useful
> for Oyranos like:
> OPENICC_profile_quality:["incomplete","low","good","high","very_high"]

Really?! That's all very subjective. You can't put all the selection
criteria in the profile metadata.

> As only you decided to work on a CMF, the CMF_ class of key words are
> not easy to support I guess ;-)

Sure they are. Your CMS is lcms2 in oyranos (or sometimes lcms) and
your CMF is "oyranos".

> "FILE_checksum" is not clear what it applies to.

Sure, that probably shouldn't be in that file. It's a colord specific
hint that allows us to pass the file descriptor from the session and
avoids recalculating the checksum if the session has already done it.
It's never actually encoded in the file.


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