[Openicc] Colour management results of GSoC 2011

Florian Höch lists+openicc at hoech.org
Tue Nov 1 11:03:08 PDT 2011

Am 22.09.2011 10:21, schrieb Kai-Uwe Behrmann:
>> Is there mean to be some kind of automated submission of profiles from
>> calibration clients such as gcm-calibrate? If so, how does the end
> It is described in the in the documentation.

I'm looking to implement sharing (ie upload) of profiles via 
icc.opensuse.org in dispcalGUI.

So, how do I get an API key? :)

>> user know what profile to select if there is more than one profile for
>> the machine they are using? e.g. for a t61 laptop there would be
>> thousands of different profiles.
> How would you select the best profile?
> A ranking feature would be cool I guess.

I'm going to have the user enter a description when he/she chooses to 
share a profile in dispcalGUI and pre-fill it as good as possible (from 
EDID and chosen settings).

It would be nice to see descriptions together with the device names 
after selecting the manufacturer on icc.opensuse.org, e.g. "T61, glossy" 
or "T61, matte", as well as the profile creation date.
Ranking feature hmm, it could be nice when there is a really large 
number of profiles. I think it should show only the 10 or so most recent 
(and/or high ranked) profiles in that case, with the option to browse 
the complete list.

Btw, search feature seems dysfunctional currently, it only shows results 
if entering a full device name (e.g. searching for "Flatron" gives no 
results, while "LG Flatron L203W" does).

Florian Höch

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