[Openicc] Colour management results of GSoC 2011

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Thu Nov 24 02:01:46 PST 2011

Am 23.11.11, 11:07 +0100 schrieb Florian Höch:
> I've now settled with the non-prefixed "model" to look like (e.g.)
> LCD2690WUXi '08, VCGT, 5650K, 109cd/m2, Gamma 2.2, i1 display, 2011-11-16
> (hope this isn't too long, I'm willing to drop parts if need be)

The "model" key is intented to show the model name - LCD2690WUXi in your 
case above.
However putting your complete string above into "comment" would be fine.
The later string shall lead to the final profile selection in UI´s.

The manual selection scheme is:
"manufacturer" > "model" > "comment"

The automatic scheme will reduce this to select from "comment" only.

> The description will be set to the same string initially, but I'm allowing 
> the user to change it.
> Also, I'm giving the user a choice to add the actual display device 
> properties and settings (from the display device OSD) to the profile 'meta' 
> tag (and also the metadata JSON).
> You can see in the attached screenshots how it will be presented in 
> dispcalGUI.
> The keys I'm considering to use are:
> display_device.panel.surface
> display_device.connection.type
> display_device.settings.preset
> display_device.settings.brightness
> display_device.settings.contrast
> display_device.settings.trc.gamma
> display_device.settings.blacklevel
> display_device.settings.hue
> display_device.settings.whitepoint.colortemp
> display_device.settings.whitepoint.red
> display_device.settings.whitepoint.green
> display_device.settings.whitepoint.blue
> display_device.settings.saturation
> display_device.settings.hue.red
> display_device.settings.hue.green
> display_device.settings.hue.blue
> display_device.settings.hue.cyan
> display_device.settings.hue.magenta
> display_device.settings.hue.yellow
> display_device.settings.offset.red
> display_device.settings.offset.green
> display_device.settings.offset.blue
> display_device.settings.offset.cyan
> display_device.settings.offset.magenta
> display_device.settings.offset.yellow
> display_device.settings.saturation.red
> display_device.settings.saturation.green
> display_device.settings.saturation.blue
> display_device.settings.saturation.cyan
> display_device.settings.saturation.magenta
> display_device.settings.saturation.yellow

The prefix of display_device is duplicated. Please consider a prefix like 
"OSD_" instead => OSD_settings_saturation_green .

It would be great to collect these infos automatic and not need to hand 
edit them. That would bring users he advantage they have already through 
EDID keywords. But that will need some time to come. Otherwise surely 
helpful information.

> But I'm open for other suggestions too.
> Basically all of these are freeform text, so it is possible to enter, for 
> example, 2.2 or sRGB for gamma, whatever fits best the actual OSD.
> At profile creation time, I also add a few other things,
> namely:
> measurement_device (string as reported by Argyll)
> Argyll.profcheck.avg.dE76 (float)
> Argyll.profcheck.max.dE76 (float)
> Argyll.profcheck.rms.dE76 (float)
> I currently use the average dE76 to disallow 'bad' profiles to be uploaded 
> through dispcalGUI (anything above 1 dE avg).
> Am 03.11.2011 01:18, schrieb Kai-Uwe Behrmann:
>> Am 01.11.11, 19:03 +0100 schrieb Florian Höch:
>>> I'm going to have the user enter a description when he/she chooses to
>>> share a profile in dispcalGUI and pre-fill it as good as possible
>>> (from EDID and chosen settings).
>>> It would be nice to see descriptions together with the device names
>>> after selecting the manufacturer on icc.opensuse.org, e.g. "T61,
>>> glossy" or "T61, matte", as well as the profile creation date.
>> The submitted JSON can contain a non prefixed verion of the "model" key.
>> You can set the belonging value to whatever shall be displayed to users.

kind regards

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